Lino Logos

Welcome to the Lino Logos project homepage.

Lino Logos is a Lino application for discussing about bible verses.

It is one of the two prototypes which I wrote for the SacredPy project. (The other prototype is Lino Polly.)

The central project homepage is


  • Decide how data is being imported. Which format to use. Think about concordances, formatting tags,… I believe that .usfm files is currently the best. But .usfm is quite complex. I am just a hobby theologian after all. Compare with OEB et al.

    And I discovered only now that also features other editions (Greek and Hebrew).

    This raises new questions.

    Instead of reinventing the wheel and writing a Lino application which renders a collection of bible editions into yet another user interface, shouldn’t you work together with Russell to add interactivity (comments, polls, votes…) and other languages to his existing site? Aren’t there similar projects in other languages? German? Estonian? French? Shouldn’t they also join?

    Russell did so much work, and he is basically right: he maintains one set of files in a “source format” which contains lots of information, which he publishes on github, and which he renders to different other formats, including .html for mobile or desktop and so on. After all a bible edition is a rather static text…

    The only problem with Russell’s approach (AFAICS the reason why you didn’t join him so far) is that editing the source files needs rather specialized skills. You must be a Python programmer to have a chance to learn how to use those tools contained in his github repository. This in turn leads to the situation that only a small circle of “privileged” people are able to summarize the comments, posts and votings and apply them to “our” bible, which after all is the one and only result of our collaborative work.

    But this problem is not easy. If we want to solve it, we must be better than Russell and the Wikipedia. I personally am crazy enough to consider trying, but I no longer believe that it will be a quick shot.

This document is meant for system administrators and developers. there will be also a user manual which might be better suited for end-users.